When is my preorder shipping?

Preorders are sent when the manufacturing process ends and I get the Items. Manufacturing starts after the preorder ends, and preorders last around 3 weeks. If you ordered at the start of the preorder campaign you can expect 2-3 months of waiting times, since manufacturing takes around a whole month, plus shipping times. With the current pandemic waiting times may vary depending on the involved countries situation.


What if I ordered something not on preorder with a preorder item?

Your whole order will be sent when the preorder items are ready. If you wish to get those first you will need to make separate order.


I preordered something but I want to add another preorder, can I combine the orders?

Yes! Contact me through lenacchiart@gmail.com and my assistant will help you combine orders. 


Can I change my address?

Yes! Message me the new address and I will change it.


I haven't received my order yet

If that's the case let me know and we will work on a solution. I recommend waiting 2 month from dispatch date, since overseas orders may take this long to arrive, even if it's not the usual.